End Garden in Kashan

End Garden in Kashan
End Garden in Kashan

On more than one occasion we have mentioned gardens that are true works of art. After all, creating a garden has a lot to do with architecture, landscaping, sometimes sculpture and also engineering.

There are many examples throughout history and in many places. Famous examples are the gardens of Versailles or what is in countless English villas. Not to mention the we alth of Italian gardens, with such exceptional cases as the Bomarzo complex. As well as from various cultures, such as the Arabs who bequeathed the impressive jardines of the Generalife next to the Alhambra Palace.


End Garden in Kashan

Well, today we are going to move to Iran, to the mythical Persia, to discover one of these gardens that have been called paradise gardens. The Garden of Fin or Bahg-e Fin of the city Kashan.

Its origins are somewhat uncertain, since in its oldest parts elements have been found even before the Safavid period, a splendid era of Persian civilization when wonders such as the Shah's Mosque in the city of Isfahan.

However, the basis of this gardening must be placed between the late 16th and early 17th centuries, during the reign of Abbas I of Persia. But it would be later when it reached its greatest development, alongthroughout that 17th century with kings Abbas II and Fath Ali Sah. And although some period of abandonment has passed, today it looks splendid and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The entire garden, of more than 2 hectares, is organized around a central patio, surrounded in turn by a wall and four circular corner towers. And of course there is a main pavilion of typical Persian architecture.

However, the most amazing thing is not its architectural parts. The most wonderful thing is the ability to bring water from a spring located several kilometers to the south. And only taking advantage of the force of gravity. That water that never stops, not even in a territory as arid as this one. On the other hand, here it arrives with force, and flows from various sources, fills the ponds, serves to give life to the vegetation and peace to the spirit. Being there, one understands the concept of "paradise garden" that is so loved by the Arab and Muslim culture. And it is that gardens like the Bahg-e Fin were conceived as spaces to meet with friends, to enjoy the calm and be inspired. In the middle of the desert, it was true paradises on earth, due to the constant presence of water and vegetation.

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