Monument to Chopin in Lazienki Park

Monument to Chopin in Lazienki Park
Monument to Chopin in Lazienki Park

Fryderyk Chopin(1810 – 1849) is one of the most international figures of Polish culture, and one of the most beloved in his country. Both for his art and for his nationalism. It is therefore not surprising that one of the most beautiful places in the Polish capital,Warsaw, is dominated by a monument in his honor. This monument is located in the Lazienki Park, one of the most visited green and stately spaces in the city. And periodically, next to the monument, free piano concerts are held remembering the works and virtuosity of this artist.


Monument to Chopin in Warsaw

Chopinwas actually born in a village near the capital, but when he was a baby, his whole family moved to the big city. And since both his father and his mother played other instruments, that boy also began to make music. What no one foresaw was that when he was only a few years old he began giving piano recitals for the local aristocracy.

That was the beginning, for years he didn't stop learning and giving concerts for the we althy. Until he finally began to travel around Europe, where he earned the respect of all the great composers of the time. A time when artistic fashion was inspired by Romanticism.

While he was living abroad, his nativePolandwanted to get rid of the power ofRussia, but those revoltsnationalists ended with a strong repression by tsar Alexander I. Chopin from a distance tried to collaborate with the insurgency and for this reason he was never a character much loved by the Russians. And that brings us to the history of this memorial, which was obviously built many years after Chopin's death. Who by the way never returned to Poland, on the one hand due to the political situation, and on the other hand due to his fragile state of he alth, which caused him to die very young.

Actually, the sculpture you see today in Lizenki Park originated in 1908. In that year, the local sculptor Waclaw Zymnowski finished the work in a modernist style very appropriate for those early 20th century years. However, the monument itself was not inaugurated until 1926.

In it we see Chopin sitting under a tree, a willow whose crown is shaken by the force of the wind. A scene in which the strength of his music is seen and at the same time that the pianist's self-absorption. But the monument was destroyed during the World War II, like much of Warsaw. And like the rest of the city, also in that case it was rebuilt as it was. But yes, it was necessary to wait until 1955 for the environment to be located to be designed. And furthermore, given the reluctance of the Soviets, very present in those years in Polish politics, the monument could not be inaugurated until 1969. Since then it has been one of the most attractive and pleasant locations in the city.

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