Chicago Clock Tower

Chicago Clock Tower
Chicago Clock Tower

For much of the 20th century, the city of Chicago, along with New York, has represented The United States as one of the great meccas of contemporary architecture in the world. And much of that architectural charm can be found along the so-called Magnificent Mile, which has the famous Michigan Avenue at one end. Well, precisely on Michigan Avenue, in its northernmost area, is the Clock Tower.


Wrigley Building in Chicago

Although to be fair it must be said that this tower is part of the Wrigley Building, built between 1920 and 1924, and which consists of the aforementioned Clock Tower, to the south and 130 meters high, and with another smaller tower to the north. Both towers linked by several walkways at different heights, both open and closed.

The building was built byWilliam Wrigley Jr., who had amassed a huge fortune thanks to his chiles. And he commissioned his headquarters project to a team consisting ofCharles Beersmanas chief designer and the firmGraham, Anderson, Probst & Whitethe most important at the time in the city.

All of them created a building inspired by sources as different and distant as the Giralda tower of the Seville Cathedral in Spain or the architecture of the Renaissance, yes, of artFrench Renaissance. In other words, they were inspired by the past, but they conceived a modern work, and as an example, suffice it to say that it was the first building in the city to enjoy air conditioning.

So it's an impressive set and even more so because of its striking white color. And it is that the entire facade is covered by hundreds of thousands of pieces of glazed terracotta, a material that still shines like the first day, something that is due to the constant maintenance and monitoring work that is done to that peculiar ceramic coating..

By that color it is easily identified, and also by the Clock Tower. Which has on its four faces a sphere of almost 6 meters in diameter with arrows of equally considerable proportions. That has made it a city icon in the state of Illinois. An emblem for those who walk through the area during the day, but also for those who do it at night, since the night lighting that the Wrigley Building receives is also another of its attractions.

Although it is not a property that serves only for contemplation. After all, to this day, almost a hundred years later, it is still a corporate headquarters, and more than 1,000 people come here every morning to work.

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