8 House by Bjarke Ingels

8 House by Bjarke Ingels
8 House by Bjarke Ingels

The Dane Bjarke Ingels is today one of the great figures of contemporary architecture in the world. And it is thanks to his BIG studio, from which projects such as the XI Towers in New York have come out. And also Denmark is one of the main spearheads in the construction vanguard, since in recent years such interesting projects have been carried out such as the Iceberg Building in Aarhus.


8 House by Bjarke Ingels

Added to this panorama are the different constructions that Bjarke Ingels has made in Ørestad, an area on the outskirts of Copenhagen, the Danish capital. There he first built his VM House and then The Mountain. And BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group)'s latest addition to this area is building 8 House. It is a peculiar residential complex whose ground plan is in the shape of an 8.

In total there are more than 60,000 square meters built for 475 homes of four different types. Without forgetting that in the building there is space for numerous shops, offices and work spaces. He has wanted to build an entire neighborhood in the same building. At the same time combining the idea of ​​single-family homes typical of suburban areas with the usual penthouses, apartments or shops in the heart of a city.

By having the shape of a number 8 on the ground plan, two patios are generatedinternal and a meeting point where the facilities and services for the community of neighbors accumulate. But surely the most interesting of the set is the staggered design. Landscaped and walkable terraces have been created, so much so that it is even possible to reach the door of an attic by bicycle.

In addition, this design allows light to bathe all the buildings and provides views of the surroundings, where there are green areas, agricultural areas and also the Copenhagen canal. So in some way the modern construction is linked to that environment, without losing an iota of prominence due to its peculiar shapes.

On the other hand, the different types of housing make it an accessible place for different types of families and social levels, since there are apartments from 65 square meters to others of more than double.

In short, this design that Bjarke Ingels began in 2006 is one more example of the way this architect works, whose projects have been described as sagacious works, overflowing with imagination and also experimentation, without forgetting his social values and also its commitment to the environment.

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