CosmoCaixa Barcelona Science Museum

CosmoCaixa Barcelona Science Museum
CosmoCaixa Barcelona Science Museum

Recently awarded by the European Forum of Museums due to its "innovative spirit, its creativity and its beauty", the science museum that the Fundación la Caixa owns in Barcelona is distinguished by an innovative museographic proposal (born with the intention of being one of the most modern and "democratic" in Europe) and educational, always at the service of the visitor's enjoyment and learning.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Inaugurated in September 2004, this building, designed by the architects Esteve and Robert Terradas, is divided into several floors containing eight main thematic blocks. The truth is that the proposal is impressive: inside the museum you can find a reproduction of a forest of the Amazon jungle ("The flooded forest"), with native species; a permanent exhibition that proposes a journey full of experiences through the history of matter (“La Sala de la Materia”); or a trip through the stars in charge of the Planetarium of the museum.

In addition, the center has spaces specially designed to bring the little ones closer to science, and that can only be fun ("Clik", "Flash" and "The Bubble Planetarium"), in addition of other spaces located in the open air, such as the great "Plaza de la Ciencia".

The level of play and interactivity of this museum is such that even on its website there is a proposal associated with half ofthese thematic blocks; proposals devised based on the idea of ​​learning by playing. This concept that is developed throughout not only the exhibition experiences that CosmoCaixa offers, but also its original workshops.

The museum, how could it be otherwise, also offers a guided tour service, exclusive activities for school groups and a variety of temporary exhibitions. Along with this, it is worth highlighting the fact that its services and facilities have also taken into account the needs of disabled people, in addition to the transmission of content in relation to the various levels that the public presents based on their age and knowledge.

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