Woman with a Guitar by Georges Braque

Woman with a Guitar by Georges Braque
Woman with a Guitar by Georges Braque

Braque is, together with Pablo Picasso, the great creator of Cubism, one of the most influential avant-garde currents in all of 20th-century art. And while Picasso went through various aesthetic and stylistic stages throughout his vast production, in the case ofGeorges Braquehis works always remained very close to the cubist art. And a magnificent example of this is this painting en titled Woman with a guitar that today hangs in the halls of the National Museum of Modern Art of the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris.


Woman with a Guitar by Georges Braque

Woman with guitar? Obviously it is not the first thing we see when contemplating the canvas. The first thing that is appreciated are the set of gray rectangles that fly over the space as transparencies. They are like floating translucent sheets that are suddenly cut to reveal an ocher-colored plane in the lower half of the canvas.

Neither the woman nor the guitar are seen at first sight. But the truth is that when the first feature is discovered, the truth is that the rest quickly emerge later. In the highest part we see a mouth with full lips, as if it were sending us a kiss. And that is enough for us to imagine the rest of her face and her body. Or rather we look for it.

For example, on the lips there are two crescents, which logically are the eyelids. Or they are sensed as clouds in the background and thewe relate to his hair, and from it his shoulders and neck.

Everything is framed by black areas that remind us of an armchair on which the girl is sitting. So if she plays the guitar she'll be in the bottom half of the frame, on her lap

There is that great ocher plane that is now understood. It is the wood of the guitar and the strings are painted on it.

That is to say, Braque shows us parts of the elements that are the protagonists of the painting. But they are never complete. The spectator has to search for them, unite them and interpret them. In other words, a first glance is not enough to appreciate this type of work. It is necessary to dedicate time and a little imagination.

Braque himself argued for this type of painting, saying that he was not capable of painting a woman in all her beauty, following the criteria of reality. Although he thought that no one had that ability. The fact is that he thought that he could paint another type of beauty based on lines, masses, volumes, weights, and of course everything based on his subjectivity. In short, he does not seek to represent the natural, that is nothing more than an excuse, to create a decorative image, albeit with feeling.

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