Microsoft cuts Windows Azure cloud storage prices

The cloud-storage pricing wars just keep going and going.

The latest to trim prices is Microsoft, following similar back-to-back moves by Amazon and Google.

On December 5, Microsoft announced its second Azure Storage price cut of this year. Effective December 12, Microsoft is cutting prices of both geo-redundant and locally-redundant storage by up to 28 percent, according to a post on the Windows Azure blog.

(As the Softies explain in the post, “Windows Azure Storage accounts have geo-replication on by default to provide the greatest durability. Customers can turn geo-replication off to use what we call Locally Redundant Storage, which results in a discounted price relative to Geo Redundant.”)

Here’s the new post-cut price list, courtesy of Microsoft:


So with this cut, which service is cheapest of them all, when it comes to storage? It’s hard to say.

“Since pricing for both of these services are changing quite frequently and depended upon a number of factors, it was not possible for me to pinpoint exactly which service is cheaper,” acknowledged Guarav Mantri, founder of Cerbrata and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in a blog post on the topic. . . . read more

Source: ZD Net

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