Banks Should Prepare For The Internet Of Things

It is widely acknowledged that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a huge impact on nearly every industry, and financial services is no exception. Gartner estimates that connected devices will reach an installed base of 25 billion units by 2020, with an annual compound growth rate of 35.2 percent from 2013-2020.

Insurers are already exploring how the IoT will transform the insurance industry through improved customer dialogue, more precise price models and faster settlements. This is achieved through real-time monitoring, collection and analysis of behavioral data for both P&C and life insurance. This creates many opportunities for Read more

Upthere’s Beta Users Have Uploaded More Than 3.5M Files


Upthere launched their first apps into beta last week, and so far the beta period is off to a good start, the company tells me. No word on how many users have slipped through during the beta, but I’m told that invites are being slowly doled out.

Over 3.5 million files have been uploaded to Upthere, which aims to be your personal computer in the cloud. Once your files are there, you’re free to view them on any device, be it mobile or desktop. The idea is that since you’re directly writing files to the cloud, you’re reading them directly … Read more

Why Magento is a Preferred E-Commerce Platform?

In any organizations, the most important decision to make is in allocating the right resources to the right business functions.  This holds true for eCommerce operations: You need to use the right platform, in such a way that it can enable your eCommerce site to fulfill its purpose of showcasing your products and services, as well as helping customers in finding what they are looking for.

Choices are aplenty, but only a few stands out.  Magento is one of them. It’s an open source platform for the e-commerce site with rich features that makes building an e-commerce site easier and … Read more

Why IoT Security Is So Critical

Twenty years ago, if you told me my phone could be used to steal the password to my email account or to take a copy of my fingerprint data, I would’ve laughed at you and said you watch too much James Bond. But today, if you tell me that hackers with malicious intents can use my toaster to break into my Facebook account, I will panic and quickly pull the plug from the evil appliance.

Welcome to the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), where digitally connected devices are encroaching on every aspect of our lives, including our homes, … Read more

Apple Pay is coming to Australia — but only with American Express

Apple Pay is coming to Australia — at least for those who can afford an American Express account and can find a retailer that accepts it.

American Express (Amex) have teamed up with Apple to introduce the tap-and-go payment service to Australia and Canada by the end of the year and Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong in 2016. It will allow customers of the bank to pay by tapping their iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad near a contactless payment system.

The move was announced on Wednesday by Apple … Read more

Datos IO Raises $12.5M Series A Round For Its Big Data Recovery Platform

When you have a lot of data in your data warehouse, NoSQL database or cloud-native data store, recovering all of that data after it has become corrupted or inaccurate is difficult. Datos IO, which was founded by a group of veteran Data Domain, Veritas and IBM researchers, is now trying to make it easier to recover data from these big data services. The company is launching out of stealth today and is also announcing that it has raised a $12.5 million Series A funding round.

The lead investors in this round were Lightspeed Venture Partners and True Ventures. Other participants include … Read more

Lumia and Windows 10 a platform for success – Microsoft UK CEO

Microsoft is seeking to create a unified experience across mobile and desktop devices with the launch of Windows 10

Microsoft will announce its latest Lumia 950 devices today in the ongoing battle to win smartphone market share against the titans, Apple and Samsung.

Ahead of today’s launch Michel Van der Bel, Microsoft UK CEO, talked to ComputerworldUK about Microsoft’s mobile strategy and its acquisition of Nokia, once the darling of the mobile phone market. Microsoft completed its acquisition in April 2014.

“We are taking a broad approach to devices and Windows 10 is a big game changer. You have cross-platform … Read more

Apple’s iOS 9.1 Shuts Down The Pangu Hacking Team’s Jailbreak


Well, that was fast! Only days after the first public jailbreak for iOS 9 devices hit the web, it appears that Apple has closed two of the exploits used by the Chinese hacking team Pangu, whose untethered jailbreak allowed users to jailbreak nearly all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS versions 9.0 through 9.0.2.

In a security document posted on Apple’s website, the Cupertino company credits Pangu with discovering two vulnerabilities in the iOS operating system that have now been patched.

These include one vulnerability that would allow a malicious application to elevate privileges, and another that would allow … Read more

Adobe to Patch Flash Zero-Day Exploited by Russian Attackers


Adobe announced on Wednesday that it expects to release a patch for the recently disclosed Flash Player zero-day exploited in targeted attacks by a Russian threat group during the week of October 19.

According to the company, the critical vulnerability (CVE-2015-7645) affects Flash Player and earlier for Windows and Mac, and and earlier 11.x versions for Linux. Adobe noted in its advisory that it’s aware of limited, targeted attacks exploiting the flaw.

The existence of the security hole was brought to light on Tuesday, shortly after Adobe released a Flash Player update that addressed 13 issues.… Read more

uBeam Finally Reveals The Secret Of How Its Wireless Charging Phone Case Works Safely


Cynics have denounced uBeam’s ultrasound wireless charging at-a-distance technology since its first prototype was invented in 2011, in part because it refused to share the particulars for fear of competitors copying it. But today, its founder Meredith Perry unveiled extensive details, research, and safety information about how uBeam works, and will be able to simultaneously charge and send data to multiple phones or other electronics moving around in a room.

Perry writes that “We have a lofty goal – a world without wires”, which could drastically increase the convenience of using mobile devices. The company believes that eventually, “batteries will become smaller, … Read more