Ohlala, An Uber For Escorts, Launches Its ‘Paid Dating’ Service In NYC


New Yorkers sick of the uncertainties of the urban dating scene can now turn to a new app designed to reduce the complexities of dating to dollars and cents.

Ohlala, a controversial dating app popular in Germany, is launching its services today in its first American market, New York City.

It was no sooner than Ohlala’s CEO and co-founder Pia Poppenreiter had begun describing her app as one that “connects people to go on instant, paid dates,” that she began listing a cavalcade of caveats. “But what happens on the date is actually a private matter,” Poppenreiter said. “And you … Read more

Microsoft rallies partners around cloud, mobile, Windows 10

Chief operating officer Kevin Turner condemned cloud-service competitors like Google for not respecting customers’ privacy as they chase profits.

Following what has become a tradition for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference, chief operating officer Kevin Turner did some old-fashioned fiery preaching in his closing keynote, this year condemning cloud-service competitors like Google for not respecting customers’ privacy as they chase profits.

Microsoft sign

“Our business model is to sell cloud services and devices to consumers and the enterprise. We don’t sell your data, don’t snoop your data. We don’t read your email. We’re not listening to conversations in your house, driving cars up … Read more

IoT Shows Its Worth To Businesses

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be used for a diverse set of tasks, including opening up new business models. A recent Forrester report explores how businesses are embracing IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses so many different aspects of technology that it defies easy explanation. To achieve some measure of clarity, research consultancy Forrester in a recent report advises businesses to focus on specific use cases that relate to their strategy and goals.

hows Its Worth To Businesses

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be used for a diverse set of tasks, including opening up new business models.

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6 Machine Learning, AI, Analytics Trends To Watch


Big data and analytics are set for a big 2016, as more devices and types of software are connected and exchange information. Here are some considerations for businesses as they look to maximize the value of all this data.

2015 was a strong one for big data and analytics, and the trend will continue in 2016 with a few twists. Like 2015, organizations will continue to scramble for talent while universities adjust their curriculums to help produce that talent. Also expect to see more hardware and software innovations that change the ways in which organizations leverage data.

On the hardware … Read more

Synergy’s $110B Cloud Spending Report Smashes Other Estimates


Synergy says $110 billion was spent on the cloud in 2015, 300% more than IDC’s estimate. Why the difference?

For the 12 months that ended Sept. 30, spending on cloud computing amounted to$110 billion, according to Synergy Research Group, an amount substantially higher than many other cloud spending estimates.

For example, another noted research firm,IDC, reported Oct. 5 that cloud IT spending will reach $53.1 billion — but not until 2019. For 2015, the figure was $32.6 billion, counting IT spending on both public cloud services and private cloud installations.

Many observers regard 2015 as the … Read more

Microsoft to flag state-sponsored hacking of its users’ accounts

If you’re using Microsoft’s online email and file-storage services, you’ll now get a special heads-up if your accounts are hit by state-sponsored hackers, a warning that you should take additional steps to secure your accounts.

The world’s biggest software company had already been telling people using Outlook.com email and OneDrive storage if they’d been targeted or hacked. Now it will specifically say if it looks like a nation state might be involved.

Microsoft announced the policy change in a blog post Wednesday and explained it by saying such attacks can be especially problematic.

“We’re taking this additional step of specifically … Read more

Apple, IBM release 10 new apps, incorporating analytics and iBeacons

The apps use technology like predictive analytics and are for business travelers and mortgage officers, among other professionals

The first 10 apps came out in December, with further batches following in March and April. With the latest announcement, the companies have launched almost three dozen apps

Apple and IBM’s enterprise partnership has yielded 10 new apps, including one that targets business travellers and others that make use of predictive analytics and iBeacons.

The companies said last July they were working together to build apps for industries like health care, retail, and insurance. IBM also said it would sell and support … Read more


Profiling 600 companies and including 553 supporting tables and figures, recent reports into the M2M, IoT and Wearable Technologyecosystems forecast opportunities, challenges, strategies, and industry verticals for the sectors from 2015 to 2030. With many service providers looking for new ways to fit wearable technology with their M2M offerings in order to route the masses of data being collected, IoT service providers may receive service revenues of up to $231 billion by the end of 2020, suggesting a CAGR of 40% between 2015 and 2020.

The Status Quo

With consumer voice and data service revenues reaching a saturation point, mobile … Read more

SAFECode Releases Framework For Assessing Security Of Software

Guide for evaluating how software companies are adopting secure coding and security support practices.

The nonprofit Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code (SAFECode) today published a framework for companies to use when evaluating the security of software they purchase from third-party vendors.

Howard Schmidt, executive director of SAFECode, says the nonprofit’s framework and recommendations offer enterprises a model for assessing the security of software they procure and to better manage risk.

“One of the key parts is to develop a trust of the security reliability of the technology ecosystem,” Schmidt says. “This [framework] helps an enterprise become effective in … Read more

4 Key Tips for Optimizing Your IBM WebSphere Commerce Site


IBM WebSphere Commerce is robust and highly scalable. But you know the work is just beginning once your platform is in place, right?

Satisfying today’s demanding shoppers, who demand flawless experience across smartphones, tablets and PCs, requires you to relentlessly fine-tune and evolve your brand’s digital experience to drive engagement and loyalty and increase conversions and basket size.

To make the most of your investment, let’s review a few key performance tips taken from the free eBook 12 tips for optimizing your IBM WebSphere Commerce site co-written by Senior Performance Architects and Engineers from IBM and Dynatrace (an IBM Ready … Read more