Big Data Investments

Big Data Investments We have covered the evolution of Big Data several times over the years and have more recently discussed new areas of interest such as big data in films, advertising and even sports. With the growing interest in this area there is certain to be considerable interest and investments being made

We have covered the evolution of Big Data several times over the years and have more recently discussed new areas of interest such as big data in films, advertising and even sports. With the growing interest in this area there is certain to be considerable interest and … Read more

Google Glass Gets Updated With Kit Kat, Loses Video Calling

Google Glass, which goes on sale later today, has gotten a last-minute update — and it’s a big one.

The biggest improvement is the switch to Android Kit Kat, meaning developers can write apps for Glass using the latest Android SDK. It doesn’t bring much in terms of new features right away though — Google points out improved battery life, better reliability, and easier updating in the future.

Other features of note are Photo Bundles, meaning your photos, videos and vignettes from each day are organized in bundles, the ability to reply with photos in Hangouts, an easier way to … Read more

Xbox One update rolling out with Kinect improvements and friend notifications

Microsoft seems to be improving its Xbox One software on a monthly basis, and April is no different. Starting today, the software maker is rolling out its latest update to Xbox One consoles, bringing some new features and improvements along the way. Xbox 360 owners will be familiar with friend notifications when players arrive online, but the Xbox One strangely lacked this feature at launch. Today’s update brings the friends notifications back, along with the ability to identify friends who are playing multiplayer games.

Microsoft has also turned its attention to improving Kinect voice and motion detection with April’s update. … Read more

How BlackBerry Lost Its Status as the Enterprise Mobile Gold Standard

Despite its continuing market presence, BlackBerry is no longer the standard mobile device for enterprises. There will probably never be such a standard again.

I was reading Michelle Maisto’s well-researched and well-written story about how enterprises are slowly moving away from BlackBerry as the standard for secure mobile communications.

While I was doing this, I was waiting for the new BlackBerry Z30 GSM phone to restart—a process that was taking far longer than it should. This device that I’m reviewing for eWEEK should have been BlackBerry’s tour de force.

Instead, this device that was intended to help bring the company … Read more

Why Google and the Music Industry Want a YouTube Hit

A forthcoming YouTube music service could be a turning point in the fraught relationship between Google and the major record labels over how consumers get access to digital music and how music creators get paid.

The new subscription service, expected to be launched later this quarter, is designed to offer record companies a way to generate more revenue from the massive amount of copyrighted music on YouTube. The offering also could enable Google to make a dent in the fast-growing digital music market, where the Web-search giant’s early efforts, including a Google Play streaming service initially made for Android phones, … Read more

How Infected Are We?

This infographic from TopTenReviews reveals some malware stats and shows which countries are most infected as well as which types of malware are the most common.

How Infected Are We?

By:  David Wallace

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Are You Suffering a Virus Infection? Computer Repair Tips and More

Computer viruses are the boogeymen of a technological world. They stealthily spread from machine to machine, wreaking sly devastation and costing the world billions of dollars in damage each year. If you think you may be at risk, check out this infographic to learn more about computer viruses and how to avoid them. For more computer repair tips, visit Happy Hamster Computers.

By: David Wallace

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The minority report: Chicago’s new police computer predicts crimes, but is it racist?

Chicago police say its computers can tell who will be a violent criminal, but critics say it’s nothing more than racial profiling

When the Chicago Police Department sent one of its commanders to Robert McDaniel’s home last summer, the 22-year-old high school dropout was surprised. Though he lived in a neighborhood well-known for bloodshed on its streets, he hadn’t committed a crime or interacted with a police officer recently. And he didn’t have a violent criminal record, nor any gun violations. In August, he incredulouslytold the Chicago Tribune, “I haven’t done nothing that the next kid growing up … Read more

Apple’s ‘Gotofail’ Security Mess Extends To Mail, Twitter, iMessage, Facetime And More

First, Apple revealed a critical bug in its implementation of  encryption in iOS, requiring an emergency patch. Then researchers found the same bug is also included in Apple’s desktop OSX operating system, a gaping Web security hole that leaves users of Safari at risk of having their traffic hijacked. Now one researcher has found evidence that the bug extends beyond Apple’s browser to other applications including Mail, Twitter, Facetime, iMessage and even Apple’s software update mechanism.

On Sunday, privacy researcher Ashkan Soltani posted a list of  OSX applications on Twitter that he says he’s determined use Apple’s “secure transport” … Read more

The cloud facts and prediction for 2014

It’s interesting to see how the cloud has grown from a simple optional technology to a must-have technology that every business should have.

Let’s take a look at how the cloud has taken the world by storm through this simple infographic.


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