How Hackers Could Get Around Apple Pay Security


When CEO Tim Cook touted Apple’s new mobile payments service as “easy, secure and private,” he was at least partially addressing public concerns over the company’s security infrastructure in light of recent high-profile hacks.

And while Apple Pay has yet to be put to a real-world test, some security experts–despite generally praising Apple’s move as a step in the right direction–have already identified some potential risks inherent in the system.

“If correctly implemented it could add security benefits, but there could also be some gaping security flaws,” said Chris Carlis, a security consultant for Trustwave. “We will see how it … Read more

UK manufacturing firm outsourcing spend increases to £130 million


Value of deals up 132 percent in first half of 2014

UK manufacturing firms increased spending on outsourced IT services to £130 million during the first half of this year, research has shown.

The UK Outsourcing Index report, compiled by business process outsourcing (BPO) provider arvato and industry analyst NelsonHall, revealed that the value of deals in the first six months of 2014 increased 132 percent year on year, driven by wider growth within the sector. A recent British Chamber of Commerce survey found that 42 percent of manufacturers reported a rise in domestic sales in the second quarter – … Read more

3 Fun Apps That Will Make You Feel Epic


Looking around the app stores for your iPhone or Android can feel a little like taking a drink out of a firehose. With so much variety, it can be overwhelming to decide which apps are really worth your time and money.

Sure, there are reviews, but will that app work for your life? Some apps feel like one more thing to keep track of in your already over-tapped schedule. However, the right app in the right hands can streamline your day and make you uber effective. So to help, here are three fun apps that will actually help you be … Read more

Innovative Cloud: Creative Uses Of The Cloud


Innovative Cloud: Creative Uses Of The Cloud

For many, the cloud removes processing power constraints from the equation, allowing to think freely and creatively. The costs don’t increase much, or at all: using a single computer for 1000 hours costs the same as using 1000 for an hour. So cloud computing allows tackling big ideas and data, even for those without the proper infrastructure. Pharmaceutical companies, large enterprises and even the layman benefit from the availability of the cloud, already pushing the available technology to its limits.

But there is, you’d probably agree, the difference between a company that merely … Read more

How Indian enterprises are leveraging integrated infrastructure solutions to drive their business


From a multinational conglomerate, real estate major, tobacco manufacturer to an IaaS service provider, Indian businesses have started implementing integrated infrastructure solutions with an aim to drive specific business functions and draw tangible business benefits. Here, we take a detailed look at 14 such enterprises, which have benefited significantly due to the implementation of integrated infrastructure solutions

Sprawl of technology silos within IT infrastructure of a business is one of the major headaches of a CIO as this brings in underutilization of available resources, inefficiency and unnecessary expenditure on the ballooning IT infrastructure. Developed by the convergence of storage, networking … Read more

Data analytics: Eye-popping results from Intel, UPS and Express Scripts


These three top-tier businesses are reaping huge rewards from data analytics. Here’s what your company might be missing out on.

Simply put, data is the lifeblood at Express Scripts, a $44 billion pharmacy benefits management company based in St. Louis.

The Fortune 100 company processes close to 1.5 billion prescriptions for some 300 million consumers per year, all the while analyzing the wealth of information that accompanies each order.

“As we track a prescription through data entry and the pharmacy process and into the fulfillment system, we’re tracking all sorts of information that gets fed to an analytics team that … Read more

Indian startup shows how the cloud can be used to transform education in rural India


Classle, a Chennai-based startup uses a potent combination of cloud, mobile and social technologies to enable students to access learning material free of cost through their basic low-cost mobile devices

Many a times we do things beyond a formal classroom without realizing that we are learning in the process. For example, an individual surfs and accesses material on the Internet in the form of audio, video, wiki and then goes ahead to even create and store information. Understanding the immense power of peer-to-peer learning, Classle, a Chennai-based startup has developed a cloud based education system for rural India.

Classle gets … Read more

Microsoft May Prioritize The Desktop In Windows 9


The latest rumor from the Microsoft community is confusing: Microsoft may disable, by default, the Metro-defined Start Screen on desktop-based computers in Windows 9, what is currently referred to as “Threshold.”

According to Neowin’s Brad Sams, in some Threshold builds, users must “manually turn [the Start Screen] back on, but this is situation dependent, if you wish to access the live tile environment.”

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley has a slightly different take on the situation:

Users running Threshold on a desktop/laptop will get a SKU, or version, that puts the Windows Desktop (for running Win32/legacy apps) front and center. Two-in-one Read more

6 models of the modern data center

Our look inside the new data centers of Fidelity, GM, Capital One, Equinix, ServiceNow, and Bank Of America shows the future of computing.
The cloud hasn’t killed the company-owned data center.
Companies from General Motors to Fidelity are taking the best infrastructure ideas from Web giants such as Facebook and Google and adapting them to their very different business needs in order to build a new generation of data centers.
To highlight the different approaches and strategies these companies are taking, we looked at six companies beyond the Web giants that have made or are planning major data center investments.

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13 Apps for the Best Glastonbury Festival Experience


The Glastonbury Festival temporarily creates the third biggest “city” in South West England every year as almost 200,000 people flock to a bucolic corner of Somerset. Fourty-four years since its first incarnation, the festival has changed utterly from a small gathering to a meticulously planned behemoth. To some, a terrible beauty has been born over the last five decades. To others, the festival is still a must see, a rite of passage or just the perfect five days in the midst of a busy year.

Whatever your reason for going to Glastonbury, failure to prepare means preparation for failure. With … Read more