IBM Buys Database-as-a-Service Startup Compose

IBM’s Derek Schoettle said Big Blue bought Database-as-a-Service provider Compose to reach the next generation of developers trying to build cloud-native applications.

IBM purchased San Mateo, CA-based Compose on Thursday. Compose is a privately held company that provides MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, and other database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offerings aimed at Web and mobile app developers.

In an exclusive interview with InformationWeek, Derek Schoettle, general manager of IBM cloud data services explained the reasoning behind the acquisition: “We’re targeting what we think is the next generation of builders that is trying to build applications that are cloud-native and built on top of … Read more

Microsoft: Windows 10, Cloud Are Keys To 2016

At its partner conference, Microsoft executives emphasized the importance of cloud and Windows 10 to its success in the upcoming year.

During a Vision Keynote at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando, Fla., officials took the stage to discuss the company’s place as an innovator in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Earlier this week we learned about the new technologies Microsoft is planning to deliver in an effort to drive modern enterprise computing. The product announcements shed light on plans to “democratize big data” and simplify collaboration through new app technologies.

The newly announced Cortana Analytics Suite (CAS), built by Microsoft’s … Read more

IBM, National Instruments Partner For IoT Standards




IBM is joining forces with National Instruments to create a new test bed for creating standardization around the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things looks great on paper. But its implementation is held hostage by technical details. Just how will all these components work together?

IBM took a step towards IoT standardizationWednesday by announcing the creation of a test bed with National Instruments Corp. The announcement was made during the quarterly meeting of the Industrial Internet Consortium.

A test bed is an open set of systems that companies can use to test their IoT products … Read more

Cloud First policy yet to take off in Whitehall


More than half of Whitehall IT staff are not comfortable using cloud IT despite the vast potential savings

New research shows that more than half of Whitehall IT staff are still not comfortable using cloud IT, two years since the government launched its‘Cloud First’ policy.

Chancellor George Osborne is expected to demand £13 billion of departmental savings in tomorrow’s post-election budget.

Widespread cloud adoption could help significantly reduce the estimated£16 billion spent by the public sector on IT every year and enable vast savings across departments, agencies and councils.

However only a third of all civil servantsRead more

Microsoft releases final Android version of Office apps


Microsoft has removed the preview label from its Office apps for Android, publishing the final versions of Excel, PowerPoint and Word to Google Play.

The three apps are free for consumers, who may use them only for non-commercial purposes; in other words, not for work- or business-related tasks.

Microsoft kicked off previews last month, wrapping up the release of the suite’s apps for the OSes maintained by rivals Google (Android) and Apple (iOS). The gradual rollout began in March 2014 with the surprise debut of Office on the iPad less than two months after Satya Nadella replaced Steve Ballmer as … Read more

Oracle finally goes all in on cloud with 24 new services


Oracle’s transition from cloud critic to cloud convert is complete. The company launched a raft of new services Monday that it claims will provide enterprises with all the tools they need to run their operations in the cloud.”We’re now able to call our cloud services complete. With today’s announcement, you can now move all your applications out of the data center and into the Oracle cloud,” Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison said during an event at Oracle’s headquarters.

With 24 new platform and infrastructure services introduced, Oracle now claims to be the only cloud provider offering a complete line of … Read more

Adobe Upgrades Creative Cloud Apps, Launches Stock


Adobe’s major Creative Cloud update stretches across 15 applications and includes new tools for iOS and Android users.

Adobe launched a major update of its suite of design applications, Creative Cloud (CC) on Tuesday, including enhancements for Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC, and InDesign CC. It also announced new connected mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets.

As part of the mobile app upgrade, Adobe released Brush CC, Shape CC, Color CC, and Photoshop Mix on Android for the first time. The company also updated a wide range of its mobile apps for iPhone … Read more

Big Data Talent: 6 Ways To Snag The Best



Many companies are looking for big data skills across the board, but the shortage of talent and the loose application of keywords can challenge candidates and the companies who want to hire them. Try these tips to minimize the risks.

As PCs, networking, and the Internet once did, big data is redefining how companies compete. It’s not just about ones, zeroes, and snapshot reports anymore. It’s about trends, patterns, and correlations that not everyone understands.

The shortage of data scientists is well-documented, but there is also a growing demand for general big data skills throughout organizations. The C-suite … Read more

15 Time-Tested Apps Your Business Can’t Live Without

In app-land, there’s a never-ending quest to serve up the next thing that makes life easier. But we think you’d be better served with our collection of battle-tested apps. They’ll help you run your business more efficiently and let you do so from your iOS or Android smartphone.


Take a photograph of any receipt with your cell phone. From that point, the basic and instinctive Expensify gives you a chance to allot it to an excursion, class or customer and spare it. At the point when your occasion is over, sign into the application’s joined site and download a Read more

Big Data: The Interdisciplinary Vortex


Big data analytics requires companies to operate outside departmental boundaries, and sometimes beyond the spheres of their expertise, to find solutions to certain challenges.

Maximizing information obliges data sharing crosswise over departmental limits. Despite the fact that data storehouses stay normal, CIOs and business pioneers in numerous associations are coordinating to empower cross-practical information sharing to enhance business process efficiencies, lower expenses, decrease hazards, and distinguish new open doors.

Interdepartmental information sharing can take an organization just as such, be that as it may, as confirm by the quantity of organizations utilizing (or wanting to utilize) outer information. To get … Read more