Amazon Cloud, Analytics Help Researchers Fight Famine


Researchers in the US and China explore rice genomes with AWS analytics tools to develop drought and disease resistant crops

In a gamble against time, Amazon Web Services is making the genome of 3,024 varieties of rice publicly available in the cloud so that researchers can use the data to come up with the strains most likely to prove resistant to heat, drought, and disease.

Rice makes up 20% of the calories consumed in the world, but yields are going down in many of the rice-growing regions of the world, wherever temperatures are above average during the crop’s growing season.… Read more

Salesforce Announces New Internet of Things Cloud, As Dreamforce Opens


When you think of, you probably don’t think about the burgeoning Internet of Things, but Salesforce wants to help customers make sense of all of the data coming from the growing number of connected devices — often referred to as the Internet of Things.

The company is announcing its brand new Salesforce Internet of Things Cloud at Dreamforce, its huge customer conference, which opens today in San Francisco. The new cloud is built on the all-new Thunder platform. Salesforce has a bushel of platforms now including Thunder, Lightning, Salesforce 1, Wave and a couple of others. It’s getting so you can’t tell … Read more

Datos IO Raises $12.5M Series A Round For Its Big Data Recovery Platform


When you have a lot of data in your data warehouse, NoSQL database or cloud-native data store, recovering all of that data after it has become corrupted or inaccurate is difficult.Datos IO, which was founded by a group of veteran Data Domain, Veritas and IBM researchers, is now trying to make it easier to recover data from these big data services. The company is launching out of stealth today and is also announcing that it has raised a $12.5 million Series A funding round.

The lead investors in this round were Lightspeed Venture Partners and True Ventures. Other participants include … Read more

GE Adds Infrastructure Services To Internet Of Things Platform


GE announced today that it was expanding its Predix Internet of Things platform to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The IaaS market is dominated by Amazon Web Services with many others, including Microsoft, Google and IBM vying for a piece of the action. GE hopes to differentiate itself from these companies by offering infrastructure services specifically tuned to the needs of industrial customers.

GE manufactures large equipment like jet engines, wind turbines and locomotives. These machines are loaded with sensors generating an enormous amount of information. Predix was originally created as a Platform as a Service to allow customers and third-party developers to build applications … Read more

VMware’s Stealth Strategy: Gain Public Cloud Revenues

VMware thinks it’s gained more ground in the public cloud market than analysts realize; it won’t be pushed out by Amazon.

VMware vCloud Air barely registers on the Gartner and Forrester cloud meters.

Nevertheless, the VMworld show in San Francisco this week is about everything from end-user workspaces to VMware’s offerings in the public cloud. Between the lines of the announcements is the message: Virtualization is the key to the secure digital company of the future.

Indeed, it’s clear from this year’s VMworld that VMware has passed beyond server virtualization the way an F-16 breaks the sound barrier. It hits … Read more

Intel’s new Skylake chips will allow more flavors of the new MacBook


PCs are not dead. In fact, if you talk to Intel — which supplies the vast majority of today’s PC processors — they are absolutely resurgent. Now the company is focusing on delivering more power to the place users compute most — in mobile computers.

Intel announced on Tuesday that — as part of its latest line of Core processors, the 14-nanometer sixth-generation Skylake chips — the company will create three different flavors for the Core M CPU found in many of today’s convertibles and ultra-portables, including the newest ultra-thin MacBook.

It’s also bringing the high-end Xeon chip to business … Read more

IBM Buys Database-as-a-Service Startup Compose


IBM’s Derek Schoettle said Big Blue bought Database-as-a-Service provider Compose to reach the next generation of developers trying to build cloud-native applications.

IBM purchased San Mateo, CA-based Compose on Thursday. Compose is a privately held company that provides MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, and other database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offerings aimed at Web and mobile app developers.

In an exclusive interview with InformationWeek, Derek Schoettle, general manager of IBM cloud data services explained the reasoning behind the acquisition: “We’re targeting what we think is the next generation of builders that is trying to build applications that are cloud-native and built on top of … Read more

Microsoft: Windows 10, Cloud Are Keys To 2016


At its partner conference, Microsoft executives emphasized the importance of cloud and Windows 10 to its success in the upcoming year.

During a Vision Keynote at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando, Fla., officials took the stage to discuss the company’s place as an innovator in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Earlier this week we learned about the new technologies Microsoft is planning to deliver in an effort to drive modern enterprise computing. The product announcements shed light on plans to “democratize big data” and simplify collaboration through new app technologies.

The newly announced Cortana Analytics Suite (CAS), built by Microsoft’s … Read more

IBM, National Instruments Partner For IoT Standards


IBM is joining forces with National Instruments to create a new test bed for creating standardization around the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things looks great on paper. But its implementation is held hostage by technical details. Just how will all these components work together?

IBM took a step towards IoT standardizationWednesday by announcing the creation of a test bed with National Instruments Corp. The announcement was made during the quarterly meeting of the Industrial Internet Consortium.

A test bed is an open set of systems that companies can use to test their IoT products and look … Read more

Cloud First policy yet to take off in Whitehall


More than half of Whitehall IT staff are not comfortable using cloud IT despite the vast potential savings

New research shows that more than half of Whitehall IT staff are still not comfortable using cloud IT, two years since the government launched its‘Cloud First’ policy.

Chancellor George Osborne is expected to demand £13 billion of departmental savings in tomorrow’s post-election budget.

Widespread cloud adoption could help significantly reduce the estimated£16 billion spent by the public sector on IT every year and enable vast savings across departments, agencies and councils.

However only a third of all civil servantsRead more